How to Carve Wood - ALL Cuts and Techniques

How to Carve Wood. All Whittling Cuts and Techniques. [VIDEO]

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Whittling wood is not just about the cuts, it’s about the technique just as much! Here is all the key information you’ll need to perform to enjoy whittling and to do it right! We always recommend that you have a sharp blade on your knife for safety reasons, as well as a safety glove before you begin.

There are 5 main kinds of cuts that you’ll need to start whittling:

  1. The Rough Cut
  2. Push Cuts
  3. The Pull Cut,
  4. The Channel cut
  5. The Pyramid cut.

All cuts have a particular technique to ensure you can do them all safely.

Before you start in earnest, you’ll need all the kit, you can find out more about everything used in the video here. We will sometimes refer to the hands as “Knife Hand” and “Support Hand” to help clarify how to hold the wood. The knife hand is the one with the blade obviously and the Support hand is the one holding the wood or assisting the knife hand in a cut if the work piece is in a vice.

Hope with this video, you will be well on your way to discovering how to carve wood in many ways that’ll give you the joy of this hobby as it has for many others for generations.

Good luck and happy carving!