6 SImple Wood carving gift ideas

6 Simple Gifts You Can Carve Out Of Wood

When it comes to wood carving, the beauty is that you are only limited by your imagination (and the amount of wood that you have). It’s the act of gifting something you’ve devoted time to that makes the difference. Something made by your own hands, the time and energy you spent in making something for someone else. Not only will it be a boost to your mood, but the recipient will also feel that gratitude.

Carving gifts out of wood will be a wonderful way to show someone that you care. It takes a bit of your effort, inexpensive materials and will last for years.

With wood carving, the ornament which will always be there as a token of appreciation, has a special place. Wood being the durable material that it is in nature means that it’ll last years longer than other toy, trinkets and gifts. So make it with care, give it with love and cherish the act of having someone special in life worthy of it!

Here are some simple ideas to get you inspired:

Cute ornaments

This cute mouse is a perfectly good start, and will grace any mantlepiece with a bit of cheekiness. The process of making this can be reduced to shaping some wood down to a eggs shape with a couple of bumps and a bit of flat side. All you need is the wood, and sharp knife a lil bit of patience. A gift to be remembered for ages!

Hand Carved Wooden Mouse

Letter opener

To be used everyday, saves from those pesky papercuts. Simply a strip of wood, with the pattern in your mind translated to a real life design, of use to whoever the recipient is… So much nag for your gifting buck! If your design is especially nice, there’s no harm in putting something like those above on Etsy. Why not help others with your sassy gift design?

Hand Carved Wooden Letter Openers

Wooden Heart Pendant

The eternal classic gift and perfectly formed sign of love. One of the simplest projects to carve and the one that is globally understood, you cannot go wrong with this heart. Add a ring and a something to hang around the neck and you have a necklace with meaning. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a carving to it, or engrave a couple of names into it, and you have a life long gift.

Carved House signs

What more could someone want when they move into a new house than a way to stamp their mark on the place…literally!

Get some wood in a decent state, and make it worthy of your work! If you’re not sure about the wood, we would recommend something of quality that’s easy to work with like these walnut panels, they are the perfect size to get started and create a visually eye catching sign without breaking the bank.

When it comes to signs, nothing is off the menu. You can carve letters, images, do relief carving, chip carving, or even transfer an image into it to make it as perfect as you want it.

Wooden Doorstop

Another small but extremely useful wooden gift that you can make in a short amount of time. The design doesn’t need to be that varied. The important part is that at least one part of the carving can fit under the door, the rest is entirely your choice.

Hand Carved Wooden Doorstop

Cell phone stands

We live in the modern age, but could we still function without some support from nature? That right there is the metaphor with this gift. The is a keyring that allows a phone to be held upright hands free without need for an expensive stand or piece of equipment. Easy, simple and most importantly, extremely handy to have just in case you are feeling the strain of holding a phone up manually for long periods of time.

Hand Made Wooden Cell Phone Stands

Hope some of these ideas give you a nudge of inspiration. Gifting wooden products has been a timeless gesture of goodwill, and in the modern age will feel even more special. No technology needed, inexpensive and worth a lifetime. Get carving!